'Groundhogs' Yahdee and Lee Say Early Spring

The 'groundhogs' made their forecast on an overcast Thursday morning at Wehr's dam in South Whitehall.

The "groundhogs" have spoken.

After a trip down the Jordan Creek in , Yahdee and Lee whispered to their handlers what everyone was hoping to hear -- Spring is around the corner!

But don't plant your garden too early, they said. They predicted that the Lehigh Valley will see some snow and ice before Spring's early arrival.

In keeping with Pennsylvania Dutch tradition, Grundsau Lodge No. 16 in Orefield at 7 a.m. along the Jordan Creek.

Spectators and media crews were on hand as members of the lodge, some in top hats, sang in Pennsylvania Dutch and awaited the prognostication.

Not to undermine Punxsutawney Phil, but Yahdee and Lee's prediction differed from that famous groundhog's prediction.

Lee whispered the prognostication in the ear of David Adam, the president of Grundsau Lodge No. 16.

“He said he did not see his shadow,” Adam told the group gathered at the creek this morning. “But we will still have some days of snow and sleet and wind.”

Adam had to translate, of course, because Lee only speaks Pennsylvania Dutch.


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