Mom Will be Disappointed With Appraisal of Unusual Chair

"Most people don’t know what a corner chair is," says appraiser.

John and Gloria Senchak 

Where do you live?   


What did you bring for appraisal?   
“I brought my mother’s needlepoint corner chair.  I’m curious what, if anything, it is worth,” said Gloria. 

Tell me about this item and why it is special to you: 
“It is about 150 years old and belongs to my mother, Margaret Broadhead, 91, from North Catasauqua. A friend of my mother’s gave it to her for doing errands and other various things for her. The work [needlepoint] that was done on it was handmade and is still beautiful.” 

What were the auctioneer’s comments?   
“This is very nice and in good shape, but there is no market for it. Most people don’t even know what a corner chair is.” 

What was his appraisal of your item? 

How do you feel about that? 
“My mother will be disappointed. She thought it was worth about $500.” 

Do you have any plans for your item? 
“She will keep it. She still uses it and we definitely know what a corner chair is.”


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