Dorney Park Open for 2013 Season: 5 Things to Know

Dorney Park opened Friday. You'll have to wait another three weeks for Wildwater Kingdom, which opens May 25. Here's info on discounted tickets.

1. Dorney Park in South Whitehall will be open on weekends only until May 25, when Wildwater Kingdom also opens. This weekend's hours are as follows: Friday and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

2. Lehigh Valley residents get a discount on admission this weekend. According to Dorney Park's Facebook page, park patrons from Lehigh and Northampton counties, as well as Berks, Monroe and Carbon counties, can present their ID at the ticket booth this weekend (May 3-5) to buy up to four tickets at $25 per ticket. (Regular admission is $39.99 online to $49.99 at the gate, per ticket but there are junior/senior admissions and starlight tickets).

Also, you can save money on Friday night admissions—and help raise money for the Parkland School District. Print this coupon, available on the Parkland website, for $19 admission on Friday Nights (after 5 p.m.) from May 3-June 7. (Parkland gets $1 for every coupon that is redeemed.)

3. Chickie's & Pete's Sports Bar is opening in the middle of the park. Two Chickie's & Pete's stands have been at the amusement park since 2011.

4. Summer Nights of Celebration are coming. The park will kick off Summer Nights June 29, with more hours, shows and fireworks, according to the park's website. An All-Wheel Sports show will open June 29, with bikers and gymnasts performing stunts.

5. Dining plans are available. Just like Disney, Dorney Park is offering dining packages that you can buy with your admission ticket

Marc May 03, 2013 at 03:19 PM
John is right regarding the season pass, the key is not having to pay repeat on parking every time and close proximity. If you have kids, go early (like when the park opens) or go post-dinner during the week, lines can be scarce then (honestly, compared to Disney, the lines at Dorney are really nothing to complain about.) The key is just to avoid the peak crowds, it is totally manageable. You can even make a case for doing this on the weekends for getting to the park early. Just my opinion, but I'd rather make the quick drive to the park and get out early over the longer drive, to say, Knoebels or Hershey. Not a knock to either, they are nice parks, but the drive basically makes you have to commit to spending the whole day there. As a local with Dorney in our backyard, you can take the kids early for a couple hours, leave at lunch and still have half of the day to get whatever else you need to get done. Again, just my opinion.
D. Wag May 03, 2013 at 03:56 PM
Yes sir...they charge for parking at Hershy too, but at least they give you a free tram ride right to the admission gates. Me?...this year we take the kids to Knobel's. Twice the fun for half the price.
bg wangel May 07, 2013 at 01:25 AM
As a season pass holder we go as soon as they open, head to the water park and stay for a few hours and then go home and have lunch at home. It works out well for us because we only live 15, or so mins, away. I can't take the crowds !!! Going after 5 is good too especially during the week. I too would never go there except for the kids.
Michele May 25, 2013 at 10:08 AM
Wow I am from jersey shore so I am used to summer visitors worked in Seaside for 10 years and grew up going to six flags so much it was like I lived there !! Worked there a month as a teen did not like the atmosphere, but if u all think dorney is bad DO NOT COME TO. Six Flags Great Adbenture NJ super expensive and all of those ignorant people swarm here. Thanks for the tips I will try know bells and / or Hershey and camp over nite. Good luck folks and have a great summer
Robert Krasinski May 14, 2014 at 04:18 AM
A year later, I'd like to say that the park does get insanely busy certain days of the year, in May you have all the teens/school groups/Music in the Parks groups, July 4 weekend is insanely crowded, as well as most weekends in the summer, and some weekdays, only thing that will keep the people away and the lines short is thunderstorms or rain all day. 90+ degree heat with humidity? The water park will be crowded to the point of no room to walk! Also you have the out of state/out of area bus trips to deal with during most of the year. This is from the perspective of a local season pass holder. Years ago, the park used to have Alfundo, who was a clown, and Alfundo stood for Allentown has FUN at Dorney. Not so much applicable anymore because under Cedar Fair the park has expanded and modernized and draws people from a much wider radius thus the crowds come.


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