Hess Gas Stations, Farewell

Hess Corp. says is exiting the retail gas business and will no longer have its familiar green-and-white gas stations.

A Hess Corp. spokesman said the company is selling its gas stations, but has no plans to close them.

Hess has gas stations that dot busy Lehigh Valley roads, including the one at 3890 Hamilton Boulevard.

Hess also has local stations on Route 309 in Orefield, , and Tilghman Street in West Allentown.

The 1,350 gas stations employ about half of the company's 14,700 workers, but account for just 4 percent of Hess Corp. revenue. I

Would you miss your local Hess Express? Where would you gas up? Do you collect Hess toy trucks? Tell us in the comments section below.

Hess Corp. is changing its strategy to focus on oil production, according to a New York Times blog, which reports:

While the fate of the toy Hess trucks remains in question, the company expects the 2013 models to be ready in time for Christmas, batteries included.


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