Pa. Turnpike to Eliminate Toll Plazas and Cash Payments

Plans are in the works to make the Pennsylvania Turnpike all electronic and get rid of toll plazas


Officials are planning a dramatic conversion of the Pennsylvania Turnpike to all electronic tolling with no more toll plazas or cash payments in about five years.

Turnpike Commission officials told state lawmakers that the project is the most ambitious of its kind in the nation.

Instead of driving through toll plazas, vehicles will pass beneath sensors that will automatically deduct tolls from E-Z Pass accounts or photograph license plates so a bill can be sent to the owner.

In July, the commission hired a contractor -- HNTB Corp., a Missouri company with five offices including one in Harrisburg -- to move forward with the plans to convert to an all-electronic tolling system that would eliminate the use of cash along the 545-mile route, according to a Pennlive.com report.

It costs more than $67 million a year to staff toll plazas and that cost is projected to rise to $77 million by 2014. 

Meanwhile, turnpike tolls will increase in January.

Tim January 06, 2013 at 06:45 PM
Going electronic is the way to go, Pa should have been implementing this long ago. 77mil a year just to staff is ridiculous, the salaries / benefits of these types of low skilled jobs is not warranted, high school grads or GED equivalency making this much money, true union mentality here with a touch of political "who you know" and nepatism. Going electronic will require less laborers, middle management and bloated benefit costs. But it should provide better paying jobs for people in fields of electronics, variuos engineering. We can't keep setting ourselves back due to "this is the way we always do things" mentality, or feel obligated to keep very low skilled, higher paid jobs in place because of past history of mis-management, union greed and political corruption.
Barbara Scherer January 06, 2013 at 07:45 PM
I'm not saying they're not overpaid; they may or may not be. I'm saying that there will be more in the unemployment lines which we taxpayers will have to pay for! Personally I wouldn't want the job sitting in a toll booth and inhaling all those fumes from the traffic!
Jennifer Moyer May 27, 2013 at 04:07 AM
Don, Do you really know Tanya? It seems you are from Western PA and she is from Eastern PA. If you do know her what is her real name? Thanks.
Joe Sommers May 27, 2013 at 04:08 PM
Well said. Tim...Same holds true for the the Privatization of the Liquor stores. Pennsylvania will truly help balance their budgets by going electronic at the Toll and privatizing the Liquor stores.The current Republican led house and Senate will get this done.The Democrats do not support nor would they get these huge issues resolved. Their past majority has proven they cannot.They Democrats in the PA House and Senate need to go.
Joe Sommers May 27, 2013 at 04:24 PM
If I were a toll taker I would be educating/training myself to work in another industry .Same hold true with the clerks that are members of UFCW 1776 that work in the Liquor stores. these folks need to understand that the tax payers can no longer fund their high cost pensions and benefits. Its their repsonsibility to train/educate themselves for a brighter future....NOT THE TAXPAYER. I was a past member of UFCW 1776 and decided many years ago that what they had to offer was not my idea of the better life therefore feel no remorse for those CHOOSING to stay in that that kind of work.


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