Flip Scan Hooks Box of @ 180 Hooks Pegboard: $45.00Straight Entry Scan Pegboard Box of @ 55 Hooks: $28.00Slatwall straight entry hooks Box of @150: $22.00Narrow BackFlip Scan Slatwall 9" Box of @200: $60.00Heavy Duty Drop Arm Hooks Box of 38: $38.00Heavy Duty Waterfall hooks Box of 77: 56.00Wireflip Scan, Scan Hooks Heavy Various Sizes Pegboard @2200:  $660Narrow backflip scan slatwall 3 1/2 inch box of  @31: $7.75All Wire Flip Scan pegboard hooks (Skinny scan hook) 3 1/2 inches box of 25: $7.50Inventory Control Clips Stoppers: 10.00 for whole boxPegboard Brackets "dish Holder" 19: $57.00 (Picture 1)Magnet Counter Display:  $40.00 (Picture 2) Acrylic Counter Display Spinner (2): 30.00 for both (picture 3)7 Acrylic Slatwall holder trays: 35.00 for all (Picture 4)Acrylic Floor Display Unit: $100.00Wire baskets display, brackets and baskets: All for $50 (Picture 5)Above: Only selling as complete Boxes/sets or Selling as everything all together for $1000.00Party Store Merchandise, Bulk, Mutliple sections all Stock: $8500.00  (or best Offer)Also Available:Beds: One Red metal Bunk bed: $30.00One Waterbed with sheets $100.00Bag of cellphones and chargers: 20.00
Email: HookedOnBooksPA@gmail.com


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