A Summons is Issued for Dad who Threatens Daughter at Work, Calls Her a "Dirty Whore"

According to court records, a summons has been issued for Larry Darnall Riddick for harassing his daughter at work and threatening to kill her, but he has not responded.

According to court records, on Oct. 29 at 6:54 p.m. Larry Darnell Riddick, 52, harassed his daughter, Latoya Santiago, while she was working at Wendy's on Cedar Crest Boulevard in South Whitehall.

Police report they issued a summons Oct. 29. But District Judge Jacob Hammond said that Riddick, of 1916 Hamilton St., Allentown, has not responded.

Court records report:

Riddick came to see his daughter while she was working with the intent to alarm and harass her. He threatened her in front of co-workers and customers.

He called her a "dirty whore" and threatened her life, stating he was "going to kill her" and if she didn't "fix the situation" he was going to "fix it for her and bail himself out of jail if need be."

He also said he was "coming for her in the morning."


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