Greenawalds Fire Co. Gets 'Bucket Brigade' Grant

A $3,000 grant will allow the Greenawalds Fire Co. to replace fire hose nozzles and to more efficiently fight blazes.

From left: Matt Bertsch, Jared Tellechea, Joshua Green, Fireman’s Fund Representative Tammy Mast, Andrew Garger, Anthony Trinidad, and Adam Garger.Credit:Lisa-Jon Trinidad
From left: Matt Bertsch, Jared Tellechea, Joshua Green, Fireman’s Fund Representative Tammy Mast, Andrew Garger, Anthony Trinidad, and Adam Garger.Credit:Lisa-Jon Trinidad

Greenawalds Fire Company has been awarded a "Bucket Brigade" grant that will allow the department to replace old fire hose nozzles and to more efficiently fight blazes in South Whitehall Township. 

According to a release, the grant was funded in part by the Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company. 

In a brief ceremony earlier this week at the Greenawalds Fire Company, firefighters were presented with an oversized $3,000 check by insurance company representative Tammy Mast.

The volunteers originally requested $6,700 to replace the 25-year-old fire hose nozzles that no longer were meeting National Fire Protection Standards, but with a smaller funding pool, the fire company only received a portion of the needed amount, the release said.

The new nozzles will help firefighters deliver more water in a shorter amount of time, and thus suppress fires more quickly, the release said.

Greenawalds Fire Company, at 2500 Focht Ave., South Whitehall, is one of three volunteer fire companies in the township. The other two are Cetronia Fire Department and Woodlawn Fire Company. 

Tri-Clover fire department in North Whitehall also serves a portion of the township.
voice of reason October 16, 2013 at 12:14 PM
Why does South Whitehall have two fire companies located .7 miles from each other when the western and northern areas of the township are under served and rely on north whitehall for coverage? No reason to have Greenawalds and Woodlawn so close to each other, waste of response times
Concerned For Our Kids October 16, 2013 at 04:19 PM
Voice of Reason - On Monday you commented on an article and eluded to the fact that the Fire Departments don't deserve the funding they need. Today you took the liberty of hijacking an article that talked about a department raising additional funds on their own, which minimizes financial burden on the township, to complain about firehouse locations and response times?? Why?? So...Why are the fire departments located where they are?? That can be answered in two words...organic growth. The construction of fire departments, in most instances, is the product of an increasing population density in a certain geographical area which is directly proportional to the potential for fires and resulting collateral damage. Simply put, they were built along with the communities growing around them. Also consider that this all took place at a time when the landscape, structural composition, and available resources (i.e. water supply) were vastly different. While it would be a luxury to have firehouses equally spaced throughout the township where is the sense in it?? Should the township invest millions of dollars constructing firehouses and buying apparatus to decrease response times to a primarily agricultural, and thereby lightly populated portion of its land? Or, maybe they should uproot that firehouse that's in North Whitehall and relocate it 800 feet down the road so it falls within South Whitehall's borders...we shouldn't be splitting costs with North Whitehall for their services when we could spend all of our own money instead, right?? How about access to the firehouses? Is the community better served by a station that is in the same neighborhood its members live in, (because members respond from their homes) or would it be more appropriate to have a firehouse in the middle of a corn field so volunteers have to travel greater distances just to get the trucks?? But, the physical building will be closer to the incident address so that must mean it's better situated, correct?? You can locate a firehouse anywhere you want, but someone still has to go there to get the trucks on the road. How does responding to an isolated firehouse change your response times?? It wasn't until very recently that the township saw development to its northern and western-most extremes. What criteria should be met to compensate for new development with regard to fire station locations and furthermore, where are all those new volunteers to run the departments going to be generated from? Hopefully, enough of the new residents will have some prior experience! The bottom line is relocation of a firehouse to another area of the township to make sure it is a greater distance from the next will effectively increase the response times of the men who need to get there, and decrease their operational efficiency. What a shame to comment on an article showing some good will and financial responsibility in our community and use it as a grandstand to complain about the operational efficiency of volunteers...who by the way are still going to show up at your doorstep when you need them, without compensation and without complaint!
Marie H October 16, 2013 at 04:36 PM
To Voice, I can only think by your comments about the fire service that you either don’t appreciate Volunteers who give up many hours of service to their communities or you simply like to complain. Either way you have no idea what you are talking about. Each Station is owned by the Fire Companies not the township. Each company was set up many years ago near where the members lived so they could quickly go the station when a call happened. Much of Lehigh County is set up this way. We are lucky to have these men and women who are willing to risk their own lives to help us. By the way for no pay!
K9_Handler_71 October 17, 2013 at 01:55 PM
"Voice of Reason" what a joke! I find it disheartening that one can cast such a negative light on ANY VOLUNTEER fire company! A waste of response time, SERIOUSLY!! How can you even say that when responding to any emergency incident is NEVER a waste especially when a life is the concern. The 3 township volunteer companies Greenawalds, Cetronia, & Woodlawn all work together & support each other with different skills & expertise from heavy rescue operations, a bomb tech, high angle rescue, confined space & hazmat techs, vechicle rescue techs, & water rescue. This township has, hands down, the BEST the fire service has to offer! Mutual Aid companies that surround the township such as Tri-Clover, Fogelsville, Trexlertown, Schnecksville, Whitehall & Fullerton to name a few that bring their own set of skills we providing aid to our township. These firefighters miss holidays, birthdays, their kids school and/or sport functions, leave the comfort of their home & families in all kinds of weather & conditions all to protect our township!! To often walk into the face of the unknown & for who, a stranger someone they've never met but still they respond to the call without question & WITHOUT PAY!!!! These firefighters, ALL OF THEM, deserve our support ALL THE TIME; they DON'T need negative comments & trivial remarks regarding response time!
voice of reason October 17, 2013 at 05:13 PM
facts are, two south whitehall fire companies are too close together and jeopardize the response times to the north west. Why have two fire companies that have to cross both Cedar Crest and Route 309 to serve the Orefield area along Blue Barn Road, this is just idiotic, move Greenawalds FC to the west 2 miles to better protect and serve the residents
Southwhitehallresident February 11, 2014 at 11:21 AM
Voice of reason: You are a true idiot, even if they were to move Greenawalds (FD) two miles to the west, that would mean that the FIREFIGHTERS WOULD HAVE TO DRIVE FARTHER JUST TO GET TO THEIR EQUIPMENT AND TRUCKS TO DRIVE TO THE EMERGENCY.


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