Parents: Watch Out for 'Pot Candy' or 'Weed Candy'

Police in a nearby county report finding candy that looks like a Jolly Rancher but is laced with marijuana, THC and possible other drugs.


An Upper Merion police detective told WPVI 6ABC recently there is a new trend in the "world of illegal drugs" called "pot candy" or "weed candy."

It looks like a Jolly Rancher but is laced with marijuana that has been ground down and mixed with vegetable oil. Upper Merion Det. Andrew Rathfon told 6ABC that the mixture is then strained and mixed with corn syrup and sugar and formed into little candies.

The WPVI report says parents should look for "unwrapped or re-wrapped candies that look like Jolly Ranchers." Other media are reporting "weed candy" comes in all forms and has names that play off real candy products like Munchie Way, Green Gummies and Soda Pot.

Rathfon said a suspicious mother recently brought a piece of the candy to police to be tested. Authorities said people often make it in their homes and there is no way to tell if it may contain other harmful drugs or chemicals.

South Whitehall Police Officer David Keck said he is aware of the drug but has not seen it locally. Keck is the D.A.R.E officer for Parkland schools and works all cases involving children under 18.

Police are concerned that it offers kids easier access to illegal drugs. It looks like candy so it could be taken to school and easily concealed. 


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