South Whitehall Police Arrest Man Who Offers White Castle Receipt as Registration

Police say they stopped a driver on suspicion of driving drunk and found he had an outstanding warrant from California. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.

A 29-year-old California man stopped by South Whitehall Police on suspicion of driving drunk had a warrant out for his arrest in California, South Whitehall police say.

Anthony Swink, 29, of 363 Inglewood, Los Angeles, was stopped by police on Oct. 10 at Lincoln Avenue and Hamilton Boulevard. 

According to court records, Swink was stopped at a traffic light and didn't move when the light changed. An officer in a car behind him said he honked several times to alert him.

Records say that after several attempts Swink moved forward and the officer immediately turned on his emergency lights. The report says Swink continued east on Hamilton Boulevard for four more blocks before turning into Comfort Suites.

Police said they identified Swink with his California ID card, but when asked for registration, Swink produced a White Castle receipt and said he bought it there. Swink's car was registered in Pennsylvania but he did not have a license, according to court records.

After running Swink's information through the National Crime Information Center, the officer learned Swink was wanted for a parole violation and felony burglary in California, the court records say. He was immediately detained.

According to court records, no field sobriety tests were given but Swink was administered a blood-alcohol test at Lehigh County Prison.

District Judge Jacob Hammond set bail at $5,000.


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