5 Things to Know about South Whitehall Commissioners Meeting Tonight

South Whitehall Commissioners will discuss tax rate, fee changes, animal control contracts.

The South Whitehall Commissioners meeting starts at 7:30 tonight in the administration building.

1. Commissioners will vote on a resolution establishing municipal solid waste collection charges for 2013.

2. Commissioners will discuss an amendment to Ordinances 822 and 796 regarding South Whitehall's fee schedule. It would repeal the "obsolete permit and escrow fee schedule of Ordinance 796; and provide for a general repealer, severability clause and effective date."

3. Commissioners will discuss proposed Animal Control contracts from: The Lehigh County Humane Society and the Sanctuary – Assistance for Strays. 

4. Commissioners will discuss a memo regarding  a new crosswalk at Broadway and N. 42nd Street.

5. Commissioners will discuss an ordinance that would fix the tax rate for 2013 and appropriate specific sums that are estimated to be required by the township government.

Harvey December 05, 2012 at 03:15 PM
wonder how much the trash bill is going up since the real estate tax is forbidden to be raised
SWT Resident December 07, 2012 at 12:55 AM
Harvey...$58 a year to nearly a cost of $1 per day. And my taxes are going up 12% thanks to the last property reassesment. So I lose both ways. At this point after 45 years....I am considering putting my house up for sale. There is no stopping the cost increases that will be coming the next 8-10 years across the board. The publicly funded pension system in this Commonwealth is way out of hand. Some estimates put renting a home more beneficial than owning by the year 2018.


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