South Whitehall: Letters about New Billing System, Increased Trash Removal Rates to be Sent

South Whitehall residents will soon get a letter announcing a trash collection fee increase and new billing procedure.

South Whitehall Director of Administration Tony Ganguzza said last week that residents will be getting a letter soon regarding a $59 increase in trash removal fees and a new billing procedure that are effective in January 2013.

A copy of the letter released at the Dec. 5 commissioners meeting reads: In the past, the township has utilized its reserve account to either partially or completely offset increases in the refuse/recycling fee paid by you, our residents. During the preparation of the 2013 budget, it became apparent that the reserves can no longer offset the deficit in the fund, and as such, we found that we must increase the annual fee for your refuse/recycling service from $285 per year to $344 per year. We can assure you we have done everything and will continue to do everything we can to  lessen the impact to you and your family.

In addition, beginning Jan. 1, the township will change its billing procedure for refuse invoices to a once-a-year bill that includes five coupons to allow for one annual payment or four quarterly payments.

Commissioners President Christine Morgan asked how the township will help remind residents who are used to getting the quarterly bills in the mail. Ganguzza told her the information would be updated in the township newsletter and on the website.

"There will be stumbles," Ganguzza said.

Morgan added, "It's a great cost-saving effort but it will take time for people to get used to."

Hula Hooper Gal December 11, 2012 at 02:15 PM
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