Ryan Mackenzie Wins Special Election for Reichley Seat

Republican Ryan Mackenzie will serve out the remaining eight months of Doug Reichley's term in the state House, but will face Democrat Patrick Slattery in the November general election for a new term.

Republican Ryan Mackenzie won the Special Election for the 134th state House seat, defeating Democrat Patrick Slattery in the race to serve out the remaining eight months in Doug Reichley's term.

Mackenzie had 59 percent of the vote to Slattery's 41 percent in the Special Election, according to unofficial tallies posted on wfmz.com. Mackenzie had 5,495 votes, while Slattery had 3,869 votes, with 94 percent of the precincts reporting.

But Tuesday's Special Election was only half the battle.

In the Primary, Mackenzie and Slattery both won their party's nominations for a new two-year seat and will square off again in the November general election.

Mackenzie, 29, of South Whitehall, handily won the Republican Party's nomination in the Primary over Arlene Dabrow. Mackenzie received 86 percent of the votes to Dabrow's 14 percent, according to wfmz.com.

Slattery, 41, of Lower Macungie, was unopposed in the Democratic primary.

Slattery said he was extremely disappointed with the results in the Special Elecion, according to a report in The Morning Call. He said he had worked "incredibly hard" but his supporters had not all shown up at the polls.

Mackenzie attributed his win to his campaign's focus on key issues such as the economy, the report said. 

The 134th state House seat became vacant after Reichley, a Republican, was elected a Lehigh County judge last November.

Ted Williams April 25, 2012 at 12:10 PM
I'm sure ALEC has been notified.
Nancy Rutman April 25, 2012 at 01:56 PM
?????? My mailbox was filled with disgusting negative mailers from Mackenzie. I doubt if you ever intended to vote Democrat in the first place.
Ron Beitler April 25, 2012 at 02:26 PM
Well I hope for the best with Mackenzie. I really do. I am a republican and the work he did on UC reform (not exactly sure his role, but it's something he trumps) was important. My main issue was that he represents status quo. I am sick of status quo. Both candidates went extremely negative. Pat got a lot of money from outside interests like planned parenthood. All groups like that know how to do is go negative. It's a shame really. Pat's a good guy who cares about the community. Thats why I voted for him.
for real April 25, 2012 at 02:50 PM
As a Republican I was a little nervous because Mackenzie was not the strongest pick. Special thanks to the Democrats in Emmaus, Macungie and Alburtis for staying home. Whatever was on TV last night I hope it is on again in November because it sure kept you out of the polling places. I was especially amazed at the Emmaus Dems. after what Pat did for you in your last election cycle. So Dems was it just because their was no Presidential contest? Is that the only time you vote? I hope so because I think you should do exactly what you did last night again in November. In reality maybe you should change your registrations if you want to help the other side that much. Go Mackenzie!
MS April 26, 2012 at 05:53 PM
I'm a republican and I didn't even like what Mackenzie was mailing out, one day alone I had three mailers.....he didn't get my vote


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