South Whitehall Names New Director of Administration

Public Works Director Tony Ganguzza has been named to the new position of Director of Administration in South Whitehall as the township reorganizes its staff.

Tony Ganguzza, an engineer who was  as South Whitehall's Public Works Director, has been named to the new township position of Director of Administration in a reorganization of township staff.

Ganguzza will continue to oversee the public works department but he now will oversee finance and community development as well.

He will report directly to township Manager Jon Hammer, according to an email release from Hammer.

Under the reorganization, Lenore Horos will manage the finance department, Bob Ibach will manage public works and Jerry Harbison will manage community development. The three managers will report to Ganguzza. All have been "long standing and dedicated supervisors" in South Whitehall, Hammer said. 

Ganguzza worked as an engineer in the private sector for more than 20 years as well as served municipalities before taking the public works job last September with South Whitehall.

The changes come as the township reorganizes its staff, following to 17 employees. Three people accepted the early retirment package including long-time employees , who was the township's finance director, and , who was the community development director.

"This organizational change makes sense for a number of reasons," Hammer said in the email. "First and foremost, it will create organizational efficiencies that will make us more responsive to our residents and members of our business community.  It shrinks and streamlines government processes."

Hammer said the township is not replacing the positions held by the former employees who took early retirement.  

The early retirement package details have not been released. However, Hammer said the township will save more than $409,651 through the end of 2013 from the early retirement program. 

Hammer said the township will continue to streamline its processes on July 1, when it goes "live" with a new financial software package, Tyler Technologies, which will replace a 35-year-old financial software package.    

Hammer said salaries will remain the same for all the employees who are taking on the new responsibilities. Horos' annual salary will remain at $75,811; Ibach's at $94,085 and Harbison's at $94,085. Ganguzza was hired at $99,000 a year.

John May 21, 2012 at 12:40 PM
I am confused. We hired a guy to be the Public Works Director 6 months ago with a background in Engineering. In an effort to reduce costs, he was then escalated to a new position of Director of Administration, a position that apparently never existed. Now he will oversee 3 Departments, one being his "old position", while we are moving 3 others up the food chain, assuming Ms. Horos was not the Director of Finance, and Mr. Ibach couldnt have been the manager of public works, as that was Mr. Ganguzza's position, all taking more responsible positions with no increase in salary, outside of course adding an additional administrative position by Mr. Ganguzza. I simply find it amazing that in these times of financial duress, our government has the capacity to add positions of added administration. I can certainly see why Mr. Ganguzza left the private sector, with a positional increase within 6 month of employment. I am guessing that didnt occur in the private sector, where taxes are causing salaries and budgetsto be cut. But then again, its government, its not their money, they will simply increase taxes! Let's see where these salaries go next year...I am guessing UP?
Tim Killimaji May 22, 2012 at 01:21 AM
Dear Confused, It is called a re-organization of the previous dysfunctional inner workings of the township. South Whitehall hasnt raised taxes since 1988 and this will allow that to continue if I understand the reasoning mentioned in previous articles. The Director of Administration is a fancy word for assistant township manager and replaces the director of community development and the director of finance, with no additional salaries being added. I do share your disgust for across the board raises of 1.5 to 4 percent that the current board of commissioners have guarantee every single employee in the township for the next 3 years. What i really cant fathom is adding 4 police officers to a 37 man force , does south whitehall really need 41 police officers? Or is this just cronyism for the chief of police since his father in law is south whitehall commissioner Daubert?
Mary Ellen Alu May 22, 2012 at 01:44 AM
The force is 37 officers. The Four New Hires replace retiring officers. They are not adding to the force.
John May 22, 2012 at 01:44 AM
Tim, I a appreciate your knowledge of the inner workings of the Whitehall government. My point remains, we are adding another administrator to administrate other administrators. I remain confused how we are to believe that we haven't raised salaries. Does this mean that all of these newly upgraded employees were overpaid? Would anyone accept greater responsibility with no more pay? Is it all about a title? Could we call them all "vice president" and cut their salary by 20%? My guess is the 4 of these new appointments will be receiving the 4% guaranteed increases earmarked for everyone employed in Whitehall. Do all of those PAYING TAXES have tha guarantee? Didn't think so. As for the police, is this Pennsylvania or Louisiana? Nepotism as no place in leadership......except here!


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