Water, Sewer Bill Error Causes Flood of Complaints

Inflated bills incorrectly reporting thousands of gallons of water used were mistakenly sent to 1,400 customers in South Whitehall.

When a longtime South Whitehall resident recently got her new township water and sewer bill in the mail, she was shocked.

Not only did the township suggest she was using thousands of gallons of water more each month, she now would have to pay more—a lot more—than she had ever paid in her decades of living in the township.

She wasn't alone.

The South Whitehall Board of Authority's decision to transition some 1,400 flat-rated sewer customers to metered-rated customers resulted in inaccurate billing invoices being sent out, a township employee said.

The change was effective Jan. 1 and a letter explaining this transition was sent to the 1,400 customers, along with their annual billing invoice, on Jan. 10.

According to the township, the wrong 1,400 customers were transitioned and notified. Correction letters and revised billing invoices were sent to the 1,400 customers who were wrongly transitioned, as well as the proper 1,400 customers, on Jan. 25.

Because of the mixup, the township has received numerous calls. Staff members apologized for any inconvenience to customers and said they are working diligently to return all calls by the close of business Feb. 4.

Dem for SWT February 04, 2013 at 02:37 PM
more incompetence by a board of commissioners who need to be replaced. Do whats right for South Whitehall this spring and vote out Tori Morgan and Thomas Johns, time for a change of direction and vision.
Saddie Lansford February 05, 2013 at 12:56 AM
What an idiot you are 'Dem for SWT', the employees made a mistake, not the commissioners. Maybe you should read the article before you just troll the comments section and hit it with a blather bomb.


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