When Can I File My 2012 Tax Return?

The IRS has announced a delayed start to the 2012 tax filing season

You'll have to wait a bit if you are used to filing your annual tax return at the earliest possible date.

The Internal Revenue Service has revised its opening date for tax season -- pushing it eight days to January 30, 2013.

The tax filing deadline is Monday, April 15

The IRS will begin accepting tax returns on January 30, 2013. Most taxpayers should be able to file on that date though some revised forms may not be immediately available.

You can blame the delay on the federal "fiscal cliff" crisis and the new tax bill Congress passed just after Dec. 31. You can find more information in this Forbes article.

Electronic filing season was originally set to start on Jan. 22 this year.

As a result of the delay, nobody will get a refund in January, an H&R Block official told Financial Advisor.

mark wood January 11, 2013 at 04:44 PM
the limited information voter will continue to use the IRS as a bank,( i.e. tax refund,) should you ever wake up, attempt to get it threw your very small understanding curve, the less you get back them better, oh-no, did he suggest that we open an interest bearing account at our banks or credit union? What is this guy, a moron.? soon they will tell you NOT TO FILE, the check is in the mail..and like the good sheeple, you will.....
Amanda January 18, 2013 at 12:52 PM
Mark you have too many grammatical errors above and p.s. you are not the least bit humorous.
A. Taylor January 21, 2013 at 08:24 PM
I have no idea what you are saying. It would be helpful if you used punctuation, and clearly stated your opinions, using facts and reliable sources to support them. Everything is not black and white for everyone, some people cannot simply open an interest-bearing checking account because it usually takes a large amount of money to keep them open. I know this, because I am an employee of a bank, and know and understand the policies and regulations set forth regarding a checking account. If there is another fact you want readers to take away from your comment, again I suggest revising your original writing.


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