Parkland Directors Can't Help Resident Asking for Extended Property Tax Deadline

Dave Gehris pleads his case to Parkland School Board directors, saying power outages caused by Hurricane Sandy prevented him from paying real estate taxes on time.

Parkland resident Dave Gehris appealed to Parkland school directors Tuesday night to extend the Oct. 31 deadline for real estate taxes because of power outages caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Gehris said he tried to pay his taxes on time but power was out and he was unable to reach anyone in the Parkland administration building by phone and no one was working when he came in person to pay. 

He said he returned to pay his taxes Nov. 5 when power was restored and was told he would have to pay a 10 percent penalty because his payment was considered late.

He argued that other municipalities, the state and the IRS had extended deadlines because of Hurricane Sandy and said elected officials he appealed to sympathized and supported his request.

Parkland solicitor C. Steven Miller explained, however, that the school board didn't have the authority to extend the deadline or waive the penalty.

"The legal answer is probably not one you want to hear," Miller said. "I looked into this issue knowing the circumstances with the intent and hope I could find something statutorily and regulatory to allow the board to do this - I can’t find anything."


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