From the Editor: I'm Saying 'So Long' to South Whitehall Patch

Read on to see what I'll be up to next.


Dear Patchers,

It's with mixed emotions that I tell you this is my last week as editor of South Whitehall Patch and North Whitehall Patch.

It's hard to go.

After two years of covering the South Whitehall community -- and enjoying just about every minute of it -- I'm moving up to the position of Associate Regional Editor for the 12 Patch sites in the Lehigh Valley. 

So I'm not saying goodbye, but 'so long' as I'll still be closely involved with all our local Patch sites, from Easton to Emmaus to South Whitehall. I just won't be in South Whitehall and North Whitehall every day anymore. I'm passing that baton to a new Editor, Jennifer Rodgers, who will officially be taking over South Whitehall Patch and North Whitehall Patch on Monday, Oct. 1. You will be in good hands. You can reach her at jennifer.rodgers@patch.com.

I will miss covering the stories that help shape the community and the people here -- the firefighters, police and ambulance workers who are the community's heroes, the business owners who sell everything from frozen yogurt to clothing to jewelry, the crime watch folks, the staff at Parkland Community Library, the students at the public and private schools who impress with their talents and enthusiasm.

Some of my favorite moments have been at community events like South Whitehall's annual tree lighting ceremony, but also at the Parkland school board and township meetings, where I met the young girl who wanted to raise chickens as pets and I learned about the latest development plans.

I've been with South Whitehall Patch since its launch in December 2010. North Whitehall is newly launched, in August, but I've met many of you at Senior Day and other locales.

South Whitehall Patch and North Whitehall Patch belong to you, the community. Use it to make your life ridicuously easy. Sign up for our newsletters, post announcements, events and photos, post a blog when you have something to say.

You will still be able to reach me at maryellen.alu@patch.com.

Thanks again.

I'll be seeing you. 


Mary Ellen

Rooster September 28, 2012 at 04:58 PM
Good luck Mary Ellen.
Margie Peterson September 28, 2012 at 06:30 PM
Mary Ellen, you've done a remarkable job of covering South Whitehall and Parkland, including making complicated issues clear and understandable, and keeping residents informed. Best of luck to you and welcome to Jennifer.
Mary Ellen Alu September 28, 2012 at 08:33 PM
Thanks all....and by the way, the Rooster was among my most memorable stories! http://southwhitehall.patch.com/articles/10-questions-for-the-rooster-on-wing-bowl-20
Brian Hite September 28, 2012 at 11:19 PM
Thank you Mary Ellen, for bringing Patch to South Whitehall and becoming a vital part of the community. Your in depth reporting, community service orientated and immediate breaking news stories really have filled a need in South Whitehall that goes well beyond the printed media can bring. Good luck with your new responsibilities and I look forward to reading more from Jennifer in the months ahead.
David Cope September 29, 2012 at 12:52 AM
Good luck Mary Ellen,you did a wonderful job.Keep up to date with the the Cetronia Fire Dept crew on our facebook & website pages.All you have to do is hit LIKE.Take care.


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