The Trivet Diner Keeps Us Coming Back

"Allentown Wrap" is a favorite with the breakfast bunch.


Sundays are “go-out-to-breakfast” days with our good friends Fred and Gail.  Usually we mix it up among diners and restaurants nearby for a variety of menu options and prices. One of our favorite places on the list is the on Tilghman Street, where we often see returning customers.

What brings us back: The Allentown Wrap. At $5.25, it is my husband’s
favorite breakfast and possibly Gail’s as well. Filled with generous helpings of scrambled egg, bacon and cheese, this pan-browned tortilla is served cut in half with a side of salsa.

“They don’t skimp on the cheese,” Gail said of the white American oozing out.

"Or the bacon,” Bruce added. “You get a taste of bacon and cheese in every bite.”

Other wraps include the Rt. 309 wrap with eggs and American cheese ($4.25); the Tilghman Street wrap, with ham, eggs and Swiss ($5.25), and the Trivet, with veggies, eggs and ham ($5.75).

"We try to give customers what they want and pay for," said Greg Marmaros, general manager and son of owner George Marmaros of South Whitehall.

On this Sunday, I splurged and ordered the Belgian waffle with strawberries and whipped cream ($5.50) and Fred ordered the “Early Bird Special,”  ($5.99) which came with two eggs, home fries and a choice of meat.

My waffle nearly filled the plate. It was tasty, not too dry or doughy. 
The strawberries tasted fresh and delicious and came in plenty of goo
(technical term for glaze).  The whipped cream added to the creamy richness. I probably could have eaten the whole thing but took a portion home to savor later in the week.

Fred ordered his eggs sunny side up, done medium, but they came out less than medium. He showed us some stringy whites hanging off his fork. The eggs were not so under-cooked that he couldn’t eat them, so he did not send them back, but the dish was not as ordered.

Gail and I also like Greek and Mediterranean omelettes that add spinach or tomatoes with feta cheese to the eggs. We have found that some restaurants are more generous with their feta, adding chunks of the flavorful cheese compared to crumbles that are harder to find and taste.

The Trivet's menu features 40 omelettes from which to choose. "We try not to be ordinary," Greg Marmaros said. The restaurant also keeps a showcase of fancy dessert pies and cakes to temp all with a sweet tooth.

Marmaros' father and business partner Gus Panagopoulos of Lower Macungie bought the Trivet in 1978, Greg Marmaros said. They also own the Trivet in Emmaus. They replaced the original diner on Tilghman Street with the current '50s-style chrome-and-stainless-steel version about eight years ago and were one of the first diners in the area to go smoke-free.

"It worked to our advantage," the younger Marmaros said. "We did it for the health of our customers and to keep the diner clean, and we gained business from that."

I like that and feel the prices at breakfast are reasonable for the amount of food received. Our bill for the four of us, which included three coffees and a small juice, was $29.83, or less than $8.50 a person. If there's anything I would change, it would be access to the diner's parking lot, which can be difficult and dangerous if headed east on Tilghman Street. Patrons must cross a turning lane in the opposite direction and traffic coming off the Route 309 ramp.

Marmaros said his family tries its best to please customers with the food and service. "We're blessed with really good customers," he said.

Trivet Diner

4549 W. Tilghman St.

South Whitehall, PA  18104. 


Open 24 hours, daily

Ann and Todd August 17, 2012 at 07:43 PM
George, the owners requested a waiver from the land development process when the diner was rebuilt and were granted such, thus an opportunity to access from the rear through the hotel and neighboring mini strip mall of stores was never allowed to be discussed which PennDot preferred. It could have easily been accommodated except for arrogance. Crossing 5 lanes of traffic to make a left out is a safety problem and one day there will be a multiple death accident as a direct result of the failures to improve the situation. Owners fought to not have it post no left turn exiting nor have they request a traffic study be done (which would have happened without circumventing the development process). Shame on the owners when they rebuilt the diner to not consider safety of their patrons
Willet Thomas August 18, 2012 at 01:13 AM
Members & friends from our computer group (LVCG.org) meet at the Trivit once a month for breakfast. The service is alway excellent (we prefer individual checks) and the food is fine (can't mess up eggs to easily) Seriously tho, we are always pleased w/ how we're treated, nothing is too much trouble. As far as the traffic flow is concerned It's bad but doable if you're careful.
Paul Brown August 18, 2012 at 07:06 AM
apparently the owners and patch have an alliance, this is the second review of this diner in less than a year; here is the once from November: http://southwhitehall.patch.com/articles/bites-nearby-trivet-diner Is it really necessary to double dip reviews on restaurants in south whitehall township? Are ALL the other restaurants and diners reviewed already?
Mary Ellen Alu August 18, 2012 at 12:41 PM
This is the first review/opinion piece of the Trivet, as part of our monthly "DIshing it Up" series. The first story you are referring to was a "Bites Nearby" business spotlight.
George August 18, 2012 at 10:40 PM
The owners were granted the access to use the motel during the developmental process of the diner,yes that is correct. But as soon as the process was over the motel owner, stated they will never allow acces to their parking lot. They tried to make a deal with the strip mall owners they had unrealistic excpctations. As for penn dot the traffic light was requested but is considered to close to the other traffic light. The owners have always been considerate for the safety of their patrons, it's unfortunate that people rush to make judgements with out knowing the entire situation


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