Man With DUI Record in Trouble With Law Again

Germansville man was driving through South Whitehall with a suspended license and without a required breath analyzing device, police say.

By Jack Tobias

A man with previous DUI charges is in trouble again, this time for not having an ignition interlock device on his vehicle while he was driving in South Whitehall, police say.

Toby James Romig, 42, of 5755 Pfeiffer Circle, Germansville, was stopped at 9:37 Friday night on Route 309 north at Route 22, a state police news release said.

Romig was stopped for driving with a suspended license, police said. Further investigation showed Romig is required to have an ignition interlock device in his vehicle and did not, police said.

The interlock device works like a breathalyzer, requiring the motorist to exhale into it before the engine can be started. If the concentration of alcohol on the driver’s breath exceeds the device’s programming, the engine will not start.

Online court records show that Romig pleaded guilty in Lehigh County Court to a DUI charge involving a December 2006 incident in Upper Macungie Township. He also was charged in February of this year with a DUI-related charge that was later withdrawn, the records say. In that case, he ended up facing only alleged traffic violations.

The records also show DUI charges in two previous South Whitehall incidents -- in December 1998 and July 1994.


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