South Whitehall Police: Man arrested for Physical Menace, Resisting Arrest, Harassment

Police had to restrain a South Whitehall man who went after his sister's ex-husband, telling him that if he every came back he would "put five bullets in his head."


On Nov. 24 at 11:42 a.m., Yolande Moriah called South Whitehall police to report a fight between her ex-husband, Forgild Moriah, and her brother, Donald Nathaniel Kelly, 21, at 4037 Cardinal Court.

The police report says Forgild Moriah was there to pick up their daughter when Kelly "came around the house and threatened Moriah with a knife while saying he was going to mess him up."

Police said the following happened:

Once at the scene, they separated Moriah and Kelly who were face to face screaming at each other. While separated, Kelly would not listen to verbal commands nor physical contact to move away.

Another officer arrived and both used force to keep Kelly away from Moriah. Kelly repeatedly attempted to get out of wrist locks, which prevented the officer from handcuffing him.

After informing Kelly he was under arrest, Kelly continued not to listen to commands and kept trying to get to Moriah. One officer found a large blue open pocket knife in Kelly's left front pocket while searching him.

While Kelly was in custody, he was still agitated and wanted to get Moriah. Kelly stated that if Moriah came to his house again he would "put 5 bullets in his head."

Police charged Kelly with physical menace, resisting arrest and harassment. He was arraigned by Magisterial District Judge Jacob Hammond.


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