Commercials to be Broadcast at Lower Volume Today thanks to CALM Act

The CALM Act directs the FCC to require broadcasters to hush commercials starting today.

No need to check that remote if those pesky commercials seem less loud. All commercials are required to be transmitted at a lower volume starting today - thanks The CALM Act.

Not all stations will be able to comply with new CALM regulations right away as some have to purchase costly special equipment to apply the Advanced Television Systems Committee's (ATSC)A/85 Recommended Practice ("ATSC A/85 RP"). The FCC is giving everyone a year to comply.

The FCC website describes the ATSC A/85 RP as: a set of methods to measure and control the audio loudness of digital programming, including commercials.  This standard can be used by all broadcast television stations and pay TV providers.

The CALM Act was approved a year ago on Dec. 13.



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