New Devon Circle Park Opens in South Whitehall

With fanfare Wednesday, South Whitehall opened a new playground called Devon Circle Park, and the neighborhood children jumped right into the action.


South Whitehall has added a new playground to its list of township parks and open spaces.

On Wednesday, with a 10-second countdown and the help of neighborhood children, township officials cut the ribbon to Devon Circle Park, cut along Route 22, which boasts swings, slides, rubberized flooring, benches, litter receptacles and green space.

"It is always a pleasure to see our township park systems grown and benefit not only the children but our community as a whole," said Commissioner President Tori Morgan at the start of the ceremony.

"It is our continued goal as a township to meet the community's recreational needs as well as provide a balance between development and open space areas."

Residents had lobbied commissioners for months for the playground, and the township  for the improvements. Open space fees collected from developers were used for the project.

Morgan gave special recognition to resident in getting the township to build the playground on the open land, which is about 2.25 acres. Krizel had circulated a petition among her neighbors and had attended numerous township meetings to push for the park, stressing the health benefit for the neighborhood children. 

"It is very fulfilling to see that if you try hard and work for the right reason, things will work out, people will listen," Krizel said.

Recreation board president Gregg Spence had a message for the children attending the ceremony. "What I'd like to see," he said, "is all you guys enjoying this."

Other members of the township recreation board and public works employees were also on hand for the ribbon-cutting. Township manager Jon Hammer led the countdown, drawing in the youngsters there to help with the task. 

And when the ceremony was over, the youngsters wasted no time, heading to the swings and the slides for some late afternoon play.


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