Local Residents React to Voter ID Law Decision

What are people in the South Whitehall and North Whitehall areas saying about a Commonwealth Court judge's decision to postpone a decision on Voter ID until after the election?

Judge Robert Simpson's decision Tuesday to halt certain aspects of the Voter ID law until after the upcoming election has people talking but it doesn't seem to have changed any opinions.

An informal poll of some of Patch's readers garnered the following comments:

 - "You have an ID for everything else, that’s my opinion. Use the ID to prove who you are to cast a ballot." --- Steve Pany, North Whitehall Township Supervisor.

 - "I probably would have proceeded a different way if was making the decision the judge made today but the bottom line is that this judge felt like there would have been a significant amount of voters procluded from voting so he decided to have it go into effect after this general election." --- State Rep. Gary Day, R-North Whitehall, 187th District.

- "Your driver’s license would have been a good thing to verify you are voting at your polling place. I wish it would have went through today." --- Ronald J. Heintzelman, North Whitehall Township Supervisor.

 - "Glad. This was an appropriate reaction to the haste and underlying motives behind this law. Yes, everyone should need it to vote, I agree. But millions of people need information, instructions, and TIME to comply with this good idea." --- Melissa Ardell Deitrich on South Whitehall Facebook page.

 - "This ruling is a win for one of the basic tenants of democracy: that everyone who is qualified to vote be allowed to vote.  There have been four prosecuted cases of voter fraud in Pennsylvania since 2002, and none of them would have been prevented by voter ID.  Even Governor Corbett’s administration admitted there is no actual voter fraud, yet they still perused this ridiculous law that was, in the words of Republican leader Mike Turzai, designed to allow Mitt Romney to win Pennsylvania. I am thrilled that this blatantly unconstitutional and undemocratic law has been stopped, for now." --- Mike Schlossberg, Democratic candidate for the 132nd Legislative District.

 - "The Chamber respects the decision of Commonwealth Court Judge Robert E. Simpson. The integrity of the voting process is essential, and we are fortunate to have checks and balances as a key part of our government. And in this case the checks and balances system is determining the appropriate course." --- Michelle Griffin Young, executive vice president, government and external affairs at the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce.

 - "Bull, I don't see why it is so hard to get an ID, you need it for everything else like buying cold medicine and beer. Ridiculous." --- James R. Kurtz on South Whitehall Facebook page. 

- "I don't see the problem! Where I vote I still show my ID, even though everybody in the place knows who I am! And you are correct Jim you need it for alot of other things! Whats the problem people?" --- George S. Sverha on South Whitehall Facebook page.

 - "Do you people read? Yes for most, it is easy to get a photo ID, but for many older Americans in particular, there are complications due to birth certificate info being incorrect or not even recorded. Other countries issue an ID card to all their citizens, we don't." --- Donna Forsythe on South Whitehall Facebook page.

From the Governor:

- “We are pleased with Judge Simpson’s decision to uphold the constitutionality of the voter ID law. While we believe we have made it possible for every registered voter who needs voter identification to obtain one, we’ll continue our efforts for the next election and all future elections, to make sure every registered voter has the proper identification in an effort to preserve the integrity of our voting process in Pennsylvania.” --- Gov. Tom Corbett.

Brooklands October 03, 2012 at 11:11 AM
I have no problem with the idea of voter ID if it is made easy to get...such as you can get it when registering to vote for the first time. The infrastructure was not in place to get the ID's easily. Many seniors, when they stop driving, no longer have an ID that would have qualified, so the system was not ready for this year's election. There should have originally been a 12 month period after an efficient system was in place until the requirement took effect. I thank Judge Simpson for figuring this out in time.
Dennis Smith October 03, 2012 at 11:14 AM
There is no reason you should not have an iD for something as important as participating elected officials who will alter our lives both in positive as well as negative ways. ID is simple to obtain in the form of a driver license if you are legally here as well as a photo ID from PennDot. You are required to show ID for so many things that are less important there should be no question or debate if it should be required. I believe the challenge to this is a political message to continue to all millions of voters who would be and should be ineligible to vote. But hey let's take away some more rights of the law abiding citizen and take more of their hard earned money to fund big government and pay for more entitlements so people can sit on their ass and watch us work for them. This country has got it wrong and heading for disaster on this course.
Wallst October 03, 2012 at 01:56 PM
Nothing more than a republican tactic to steal an election. Good on the judge.


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